Wednesday, March 2, 2011

quality food = quality life

There is an impeccable force out there when it comes to choosing your next meal. We're constantly battling with the argument that if it's good for you then it must be time consuming and quite dull.
The truth of the matter is that there is a significant importance to consuming quality foods.
As food is essentially a prerequisite for life, it's fair to assume that the quality of food that one consumes is proportionally linked to the quality of one's life. What else would the ancient proverb "you are what you eat" refer to?
Hippocrates said once "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food", not only is food your sustenance but it prevents illness.
It's so easy to obtain a quick fix for your hunger by driving up to those fast food mega chain outlets, but how satisfied are you after consuming their products? Really.
Food quality on a basic level refers to standards of manufacturing, hygiene, process chemicals and the ingredient list.
On a deeper level, food quality stands for the contributing health benefits, the processes by which a product is produced, the care and attention that is poured into providing you with a product full of natural flavours whilst delivering a ethical approach to sustaining the environment from where the product roots began.

The satisfaction of consuming a product that addresses a higher standard of care in all aspects that it may effect is much greater.

That ruling is just one of the considerations Gershgoods reviews before taking on a product line, so you have the peace of mind that any product consumed that is distributed by us is of the utmost premium quality.

To prove this theory we asked around our office to find out what some of our staff are looking forward to consuming, the consensus was that Gershgoods was not just a place to work but a way of life. A quality way of life.

Rae (Accounts) - Goan Cuisine's Vindahlo curry with a fresh garam masala spice sprinkled over the top
Bethany (Admin) - Nicholson Fine Foods Chocolate Mousse topped with a dash of NFF's Raspberry Passion Sauce
Luke (Sales) - Goan Cuisine's Spiced Blood Orange Marmalade Kangaroo Rissoles
Wilson (Warehouse Manager) - Cunliffe and Waters' Tomato Kasaundi Beef Curry
Elliot (Warehouse) - Tetsuya's Smoked Trout on poached eggs
Kim (Sales) - Lamb back-straps with Nicholson Fine Foods BBQ Sauce
Matthew (Warehouse) - Nicholson Fine Foods White Chocolate Mousse
Rebecca (Marketing) - Tabletop Grapes Muscatels on Simply Fine Foods Nigella Seed Lavoche with some double cream fromager d'affinois
Darren (Director) - Toby's Estate Single Origin Burundi light roast through a chemex.

The above selections from Gershgoods staff not only make use of the premium quality products on our shelves, but constructing each dish takes very little time. Contact us for more information on how you can add these products to your own shelves.

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