Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chocolate and Apricot Wonton Stack - Nicholsons FIne Foods

It's officially Autumn and what better way to get a little bit cosier for the colder months than with this beautiful recipe from Nicholson Fine Foods.

Wonton wrappers
Cinnamon and nutmeg castor sugar
Australian dried apricots soaked overnight in cold water
500gms sugar
1 lemon zested and juiced for each kg of apricots used
Nicholson Fine Food Belgian Chocolate Mousse (as per recipe on packaging).

Gently poach soaked apricots in lemon sugar syrup until tender (30 min)
then allow to cool. Deep fry wonton wrappers, drain on paper. Dredge in spiced sugar and store in airtight container. Assemble stack by piping some mousse onto the centre of the plate. Top with a wonton wrapper. Place an apricot on top and top with a wrapper. Pipe some mousse on top and top with a wrapper. Top with an apricot and a half strawberry. Use the apricot syrup to decorate the plate. Pistachio praline could also be used for a garnish.

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