Monday, May 16, 2011

Peter Watson Thai Chicken Green Curry

Last week the Gersh team were warmed with another Peter Watson south east Asian range dish, beautifully cooked by Darren Gershbach.
This particular Thai Green Curry was served with chicken and rice.

Traditionally this spice mix is cooked in a split coconut cream. To do this take one can of coconut cream and place in a frying pan (this will be the pan you cook the curry in so choose well), place on a high heat to boil then reduce to low heat to evaporate, in approximately 12-14 minutes the mix will split, give up it's oil and become very thick.
Add to this 2 heaped dessert spoons of  Peter Watson Thai Green Curry paste and fry until the aroma is fragrant.
Add 500gm of chicken that is diced in the Thai style (4cm by 1cm by 2cm) and begin to cook. Add another can of coconut milk and continue to cook, add 2 dessert spoons full of fish sauce and 1 heaped spoonful of palm sugar. Kaffir Lime leaves can be added at this stage (the paste mix does contain some).
Continue cooking until the meat is tender and some of the liquids have evaporated leaving a thick rich curry as a result.

In Thailand a pure meat curry would not happen, it would contain a vegetable of some kind, usually the small pea shaped eggplants found natively. If these can not be found may we suggest small green peas.
Vegetables should be added approximately 20 minutes after you have cooked the meat.

Serve this curry with white rice and accompany with more chopped chili in a vinegar water combination.

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