Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nuts about Duck Creek Macadamia

If every macadamia nut in the world was as good as Duck Creek Macadamia, we would be in nut-heaven.
These quality, boutique macadamias are grown in the subtropical hinterland of Byron Bay on family owned plantations.

Only the largest sized nuts are selected to be used in Duck Creek Macadamia's premium range. These grade 1 macadamia's are pure luxury. 
Macadamia's are industry graded and range from a maximum of 4mm in size (grade 8) to premium wholes which are required to be at least 17mm and a minimum of 95% whole kernels.
 Duck Creek Macadamia's speciality is in producing premium quality, grade 1 macadamias, for the premium end of the retail market.
The Duck Creek Macadamia product range features gourmet macadamia nuts coated with a diversity of couverture chocolates (chocolate of the highest quality), and exotic savoury dustings that have won a multitude of national gourmet snack awards at the Sydney Royal Show.
These unique product offerings have attracted the attention of Qantas Airlines who offer Duck Creek Macadamias on more than 2000 domestic flights every week.
Duck Creek Macadamia's are high in energy, containing a high concentration of mono-unsaturated (healthy) fats and are cholesterol free. Their oil and spread contains 100% macadamias and has also been awarded medals at the Sydney Royal Show.
Duck Creek has a macadamia product for lovers of sweet and lovers of savoury. These products are best suited to the retail environment as their packaging and counter display are very attractive at point of sale and on the shelves.
Duck Creek Macadamia's make great gifts for friends and family or as a well deserved personal indulgence. Once you have one, you will want the whole jar.

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