Monday, August 1, 2011

Perfect Pangkarra Pasta

Pangkarra Pasta is truly unique for many reasons.

Firstly there is the heritage of the primary ingredient - Durum wheat grown on a farm in the beautiful Claire Valley, South Australia. This grain is lovingly grown by the Maitland family, the fifth generation to farm the land since they arrived in South Australia in 1866. Using sustainable farming techniques and organic fertilisers, the family produce premium quality grain which is way too good for the bulk market. They store the grain on the farm in chemical-free storage facilities, then traditionally stone mill it, which ensures the wholegrain flour that is produced retains the natural flavours of the grain.

Then there is the pasta making techniques. When the pasta is made, it is extruded through bronze heads - creating a rough surface texture which allows the pasta to better hold sauces. The hand crafted pasta is then dried at low temperatures in controlled conditions. They do this because pasta which is dried too quickly can become hard and glassy.

Then there are the health benefits. Wholegrain pasta is not the same as wholemeal pasta. Wholegrain retains all the goodness of the whole grain of wheat. This means it is high in Thiamine (B1), is an excellent source of antioxidants & phytonutrients, and has a low GI. Pangkarra pasta is also low in fat and sodium, and an excellent source of fibre.

Then there is the flavour. The team from Pangkarra flew up to meet us last week and took over our warehouse kitchen to give us a tasting and educational. They simply cooked the pasta until al dente, drizzled it with quality olive oil and tossed it through with sautéed mushrooms, baby spinach, garlic, butter and a pinch of truffle salt. We were all amazed by the delicious nutty flavour and divine texture. It truly is in a class of its own.

Even Maggie Bear loves Pangkarra Pasta.
"Pangkarra definitely embodies the slow food philosophy when you consider that it is the wholegrain milled traditionally and the pasta made with the slow drying that makes such a difference to texture and flavour,” Maggie said. “The family should be very proud of their pasta. I really loved its flavour and texture.” Maggie Beer.

Gershgoods is excited to distribute the following Pangkarra Pasta products to quality food stores in NSW from mid August.

Wholegrain Fettuccine
Wholegrain Spaghetti
Wholegrain Linguine
Wholegrain Penne

Keep a look out for Pangkarra Pasta popping up in all your favourite foodie magazines.

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