Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Charitable Business

As always Gershgoods takes care to acknowledge that our suppliers not only use premium quality ingredients in their products, but that these ingredients are derived from fair trade, sustainable and ethical environments.
The initiatives taken on by our friends make us proud to have the relationships we do and inspire us to continue to give back to mother nature and the communities that dwell on her land.

Once a month we will take some time to shed some light on the varied projects our friends contribute to.

This month we're taking a look at Toby's Estate S.E.E. Project.

Toby's Estate has an inspirational dedication to their S.E.E. Project (Social, Ethical and Environmental Responsibility). So often we hear of coffee bean and tea farmers being sold short and the real story of how the beans are grown, who grows them and the environment that surrounds them is lost.
Thankfully the days of instant coffee mass produced without love are disappearing, although not completely gone.
When sourcing their coffee beans and fine teas the team at Toby's makes a point of getting to know the local farmers and producers. Through this process of personalising the business the understanding of the social, environmental and economical challenges faced by the communities who bring us such fine products, becomes clearer.

The results of Toby's fair trade agreements and personal relationships with these communities ensure that products are not traded based on a commodity value but on a premium product value, which in turn improves the quality of life these third world farmers and their families. It also cements the practice of bringing coffee lovers the very best products available.
Toby's Estate also have a strict educational policy - they love to make sure that the seller, drinker and barista understand where the products are sourced from. It turns an activity into an experience.
This paired with the commitment to sourcing through sustainable networks such as Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, Utz and 4C is just one of the reasons why we love Toby's Estate so much.

For more information on the Toby's Estate S.E.E. Responsibility project visit

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